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Malaysian cricket : Part 1 - NSCA recognition by MCA seems to revolve around a 2 votes issue for MCA elections.

This morning at 4.22 am someone posted a comment on my previous article on Malaysian cricket. I refused to publish it as I thought it was very much attacking certain cricket officials on a personal level. The comment seem to display a high degree of anger and frustration which prompted me to enquire as to what were the issues related to NSCA vis viz MCA.

The Negri Sembilan Cricket Association (NSCA) was to have their BGM in March 2008. Prior to the BGM, NSCA had their Council Meeting and applications from 3 intended affiliates were considered. The story here is that the 3 were rejected as it was prior to a BGM and further, only selected members of the Exco undertook this exercise. The matter becomes more confusing, despite the rejection that someone in the Exco (not the Treasurer) issued receipts for monies received with the applications.

Therefore when the BGM took place in March 2008, the President, who is a member of the Negri Royal family and is the cousin of the President of MCA, wanted to undertake a housekeeping exercise related to:
  1. Certain Exco members would not be allowed to participate in the BGM as they were absent from 3 Exco/Council meetings. This is notwithstanding the fact that their absence may have been with apology.
  2. The 3 applications for affiliation should be considered approved and be entitled to participate at the BGM.
  3. Some of the existing affiliates who did not pay the annual subscription should not be allowed to participate at the BGM.
After some debate, the BGM agreed to postpone the BGM and wanted the Council to meet immediately and resolve the 3 issues and thereafter call for another BGM. The Council met with the President chairing and deliberated on the 3 issues. They took a vote on the 3 matters and the decision is as follows:
  1. Those who were absent with apology could participate and vote at the BGM.
  2. The 3 new applications for affiliation were to be considered by the new Exco and shall not participate at the postponed BGM.
  3. All affiliates who paid their subscription on or before the BGM would be entitled to participate and vote.
The Council also fixed for the postponed BGM to be held on a certain date in early April 2008.

What is interesting is that the Executive Secretary of MCA was present at the BGM in March 2008 which agreed to be postponed so as the Council could discuss the housekeeping issues. Again what was strange is MCA was informed in March 2008, prior to the BGM on some of the issues facing NSCA. According to sources, MCA claimed they did not know of it and were unable to act because the Secretary had not opened his e-mails for weeks.

In the meantime, the Secretary of NSCA had sent the notice for the postponed meeting. The President of NSCA had been in communication with a Vice President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). Sources also indicate that the Secretary was also communicating with him too. How and why an OCM official became involved is a bit sketchy. Some say it was the President of MCA who requested his involvement. This OCM official gave an opinion, with sources indicating that it was given to the President of NSCA and Secretary of NSCA had a copy through other means.

The President of NSCA came up with ground rules for the postponed BGM based on what he refers to as advice from the OCM official. He had requested the Secretary of NSCA to communicate these ground rules, which included matters that were contrary to the Council's decision which the BGM had requested the Council to undertake. The President also did indicate that if these ground rules were not adopted then he would use his Presidential Prerogative to call off the meeting. It is believed that the Secretary had indicated that notices for the postponed BGM had been sent and that the ground rules were unilaterally decided by him and not consistent with the latest Council decision. The Secretary held to the view that the BGM would proceed as decided by the Council

Contd- Part 2 shall be on the NSCA BGM held in April 2008.

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