Friday, June 27, 2008

Hockey reporting - " The need for an ethical approach"

This morning when I read the dailies, particularly the sports column, I recognised the name of the writer. He is a known writer in hockey and he was covering the Malaysian National Coach. He obviously gave him a space to voice his opinion on the prevailing problem that seems to be facing Malaysian hockey. Although at this stage it is best to refer to it as allegations, the writer too has to be careful what he reports.

I do not know whether there is a written or unwritten code of conduct for newspaper reporters. I raise this because, when one is also cited in the allegations by identified or unidentified parties, there must due care not to permit parties to read between the lines. In this case the Reporter and the Coach have been identified in some of the allegations. At this stage we must recognise that they are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, it is important that a perception must not be created that there is a hidden conspiracy to create an impression that all is well.

There is already a police investigation based on various police reports. Do not pre-judge the police findings. Therefore, to create a public perception before the finding is only inviting unnecessary comments. Many are aware of the closeness of both these personalities and such an article at this time may backfire. Police reports have been made and lets give the investigation a chance rather than pre-empt anything.

I am talking about an ethical approach and the question of "justice must not only be done but must also be seen to be done".


Malaysia Boleh said...

Dear Ghandhi

Good Article.

I think is not fair for the Reporter to write and the National Coach too shouldn't give any comments.

Let the police do the investigation.

It looks like they are worried by their actions.


Balai Berita said...

Dear Gandhi

You should stop being in the shadows of Satwant Singh and write the truth ... pls dont do Sathya Graha here when you are the biggest corrupt and hipocrite in Malaysian Sports

Afterall you too were a clueless journalist and only took care of your own interest !

Keep Walking